The D'oh Bros were formed in 2009 when friends Greg Brown and Dave Muldawer came together to record some of Dave's original material.  With Dave on Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Saxophone and Greg on Bass,  they transformed into a 4-piece rock and roll band.  Starting in 2011 and through 2018 they rocked venues all over Santa Cruz County, playing 150 shows together.  The band took a 3 year hiatus to work on various projects, but have returned with a force in 2021.  Their new lineup features lead guitarist/vocalist Frank Sorci and one of their original drummers, Franco Tandoi.  The result is an influx of new energy, new songs, and an infectious good time!  Come check out a live show and get your dance groove on.

Greg Brown and Dave Muldawer

Original founders of The d'oh Bros

circa 2010

Franco Tandoi


Lead Guitar